Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 4: Lots of Updates

Two weeks of no writing; I'm embarrassed, but at least Finals are over. Now I'm on Spring Break. In the past two weeks:

- Partial came back. No go. The plot was "Too casual", so I'm putting more content. I'm not really disappointed, since the manuscript was shallow, and I'm thankful for the suggestion. There are plenty of hormonal girls out there already; I don't need to add another. I'm afraid my book is about to turn literary... Hopefully not. Commercial fiction is my forte.

- Read a wonderful play, which is helping me with speech pattern and getting rid of excessive words. "Trite", "Sin" and "Carnal embrace". Wonderful.

- Finals happened. I will say this about it: my fear of getting bad grades is greater than my fear of query rejection. Maybe this is a good thing. I wonder if all student authors feel that way.

Queries sent: 2
Responses: 1
Partials sent: 1
Partial rejections: 1
Whole Manuscript Requests: 0