Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 5: Bad Grades, Manuscript Request

One of the misfortunes of not being forty is an inability to recognize when I've got too much on my plate. My grades came back yesterday, and I did wonderful in both English and Biology, but abysmally in Economics, my own major. As of now, I've resorted to begging my professor to reconsider the grade he gave me. It's with regrets that I now have to shut down my art commissions business. No income for a while, until I get my grades up again.

On another note, two more queries sent last night, and one came back requesting a full manuscript. No rejections yet, but the one I sent last week is awfully quiet. Strange ...

Queries sent: 4
Responses: 2
Partials sent: 1
Whole Manuscript Requests: 1
Partial rejections: 1


Matthew Rush said...

Hi Blanche, found your blog from your comment and NB's forums. Thought I'd stop by, comment and follow. Feel free to visit my blog and do the same.

And congrats on your full MS request!