Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 30: Wow, it's been 30 entries...

So, newwise, I got another "no" on a partial =(. It was a romance agent who thought I needed more description... I added a little bit more, but since I'm not writing romance, I don't really care what their distinctive faces and bodies look like. I hope that's not going to be a huge factor in getting an agent...
Odd thing happened today. I got another partial request in my mail, but my box also told me I had spam. It turns out that I've had another partial request for some time; it just got sorted into spam for some reason... Feeling apologetic towards the agent =(

Material Status: ( so i figured I'd list everything I've had, and put an "x" next to the one no longer active)

Partial 1: x
Partial 2: x
Partial 3: 9 weeks (nudged)
Partial 4: 27 day
Partial 5: 18 days
Partial 6: 17 days
Partial 7: 13 days
Partial 8: x
Partial 9: not yet... stamps D:
Partial 10: prepping
Partial 11: prepping
Full 1: x
Full 2: x
Full 3: x
Full 4: 26 days
Full 5: x
Full 6: 15 days
Full 7: 14 day

Midterm tomorrow. My TA took off 3 pts out of a 10 pt assignment for an incorrectly written bibliography. Really not happy with her...
Now I have to go find out what the deal behind caffeine is. I'll say this... I was fond of coffee until I had to separate its elements. Hell must smell like Calcium Sulfate + 1-propanol + caffeine
Turned down a commission for a flash game =( No time...