Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 29: No Writer's House

Semi-personalized rejection from Writer's House. Complexing context, interesting character, overall no go. I'm starting to think there's something wrong with the first chapters... Based on the comments, I don't think anyone's made it past chapter 14 yet... maybe the seeming-irrelevant-details-but-are-totally-clues-to-the-mystery's-solution need to be a bit more obvious.

I had a nagging thought yesterday after one of my... older friends (she's 35) read it and said that maybe my context is "too complex" for YA. I can't tell if she means I should try YA literary fiction or if I should put the book under Adult Mystery.
Either way, I hope it's not because she thinks teens and YA's aren't as smart as adults, because we very much are, thank you very much. Maybe not metaphysically, but logically, I'm pretty sure teens and adults have equally capacity...

Got another partial request. They want snail mailed partial. Need stamps... again. I think the bane of my existence is now stamps.

Good news: Lost my wallet the day before yesterday. Found it today. =)

Material Status:

Partial 1: 8 weeks (will nudge in a few days)
Partial 2: 21 day
Partial 3: 12 days
Partial 4: 11 days
Partial 5: 7 days
Partial 6: 7 days
Partial 7: not yet... stamps D:
Full 1: 20 days
Full 2: x
Full 3: 9 days
Full 4: 8 day


Lynn Mitchell said...

LOL! Love it that stamps now officially qualify as the bane of your existence. (Mine too.)