Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 26: Stamps again...

Why is the post office never open when I'm awake? Well, I'm fixing that today. I'm going to print and submit today for sure!

It's funny, as an artist, I use to worry about wasting paper all the time. I never used blank paper, or even new canvases. Everything was on the back of something (mostly homework) and my AP Art teacher even gave me all the old canvases people left behind (about 30-40). Heck, even the rough draft of my book was written on the back of old statistics and econ homework.

Material Status:

Partial 1: 6 weeks? (should probably nudge)
Partial 2: 14 day
Partial 3: 5 days
Partial 4: 5 days
Partial 5: ... hasn't sent out yet. (No stamps ._.)
Partial 6: ... hasn't sent out yet. (No stamps ._.)
Full 1: 13 day
Full 2: 10 days
Full 3: 2 days
Full 4: 1 day

Oh, and here's a painting I finished yesterday. The lighting's not great, but I thought I'd share.


February Grace said...

Wow, that painting is gorgeous!

You have such a gift. Good luck on the partials/fulls that are outstanding, hope you hear good news soon!


Hillary said...

That painting is stunning, my dear. You are so very multi-talented.