Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 25: Requests

Oh boy... so I need stamps now, because the last two agents who requested partials want snail mail packages. I'm also a little broke, being a college student and all. My parents are lending me a little for the process, but they're not exactly literary people and would rather I spend my time studying science instead of writing.

I ran my plot and theme against a professor of mine, and she said that if my book as a intricate as what I told her, there shouldn't be any problems on getting it published. The problem, she said, was that agents may not see the theme initially unless I tell them, so I should revise my query to state my point more clearly.

So I sent more (revised) queries out yesterday, mostly because the wait is killing me, and two came back this morning: one for a partial, one for a full, both for a synopsis.

So far...


Queries sent: 38
Query Rejections: 19
Material Requests: 14
Waiting on: 5