Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 12: No More Queries for a While

Please excuse the poor structure and misspellings. I have not slept in 24 hrs...

Today my roommate pointed out to me that my query rejection to request ratio is 1:1, which makes her think that the query will fetch more requests as long as I keep sending it out. That being said, she also notes that my manuscript rejections were form rejections. We concluded that there's something off about the manuscript. When reading it through the first few chapters, we spotted a few places where the conversation is fun but pointless. Now I'm going through the thing again, assigning points to the pointless.

Moody guys on the floor going around cursing everyone else. Some of the girls and gay guys suspect that it's because the year is almost over and none of them have had a date. Too bad they don't like NyQuil...


Matthew Rush said...

Thanks for sharing Blanche. Those do sound like pretty good statistics for your queries.

Have you thought about submitting your first five pages to somewhere like the forums on Nathan Bransford's blog?

Today's guest blogger is Rachel Alpine!