Thursday, April 1, 2010

Still Day 6: Twilight Debate

Living in a college dorm practically screams mixed opinions. Many debates have arisen lately between the few who enjoy Twilight and the masses who don't. (Correlation of preference here: as age goes up, enjoyment goes down) The arguments on both sides are acceptable, but not always reasonable. For example, Edward Cullen is many things, but "retarded [censored]" is not one of them. As I type this blog, people around me are exchanging opinions.

My Thoughts:

I do not like Twilight, not as a book or as a movie. It is not the popularity; it is the buckets of corn it's managed to create out of modern teenage girls. People can no longer walk across campus without being lectured about "the ideal man", and anyone currently named "Edward" must now deal with the "reeeaaalllly?" and the "I'm sorry".
Unfortunately, many women have failed to recognize the fatal flaw in Edward Cullen: he is a cheesy prat. Pretend for one minute, ladies, that you are not Bella Swan, but one of her human friends. How would you feel if, after years of getting the cold shoulder from this guy, he instantly takes a liking to the new girl and starts spewing stuff about them being soul mates? Trash can, anyone?
That being said, I don't dislike Stephanie Meyer. In fact, I appreciate her. Quality characters or not, she's opened up the literary market to more Young Adult fiction. More people are buying books. More people are reading books. Education all around. So for that, she deserves a round of applause.