Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 7: Games, Chemistry, Query and Contest

Sent out another query. She's a popular agent, so I don't know how long it's going to take for her to reply. Oh well, es la vida.

I've been editing my manuscript and playing Sims all yesterday. The thing looked fine the last time I went through it, but I found more things I didn't like when I was reading it today. (Maybe it secretly changed itself when I'm asleep?) Either way, more cutting and rewriting for me.

As for today, the problem is Acetic Acid 5%. I have its formulaic weight, solubility, pH, specific gravity and density, but where in the world am I suppose to find "role as an explosion and fire hazard"? Isn't it enough that it is a fire hazard, and therefore should be kept away from the Bunsen burner? Anyways, back to work...

Check out this contest for YA writers. It could be your lucky break. =)

Oh, on a side note, I've discovered an interesting double standard while talking with some of my guy friends. According to them, it is acceptable for a man to look sloppy and/or fat, but not for a woman. Yet, similarly, it is okay for a woman to be unemployed and respectable at the same time, but not for a man. By their logic, the two balance each other out, and so illustrates (in the big picture) that sexism does not exist. I'm not saying I agree with them, but it is a new perspective for thought.


Matthew Rush said...

Morning Blanche, thanks for sharing all of that. I hate editing, especially how each time you go back through your MS you find more and more to change ... at least I do.

That side note does sound pretty sexist, but all stereotypes generally have a hint of truth to them.

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