Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 18: Midterms and Requests

Got my chem midterm back. Did a lot better than I thought. The grades were a mess though... Most people failed and the average was a D. I was scared at first because everyone I talked to got 400-something for spect-orange absorption and I got 620nm. Turns out it was actually 620.

Also got an interview for research. Hoping for some research. Beryllium is my new chemical partner.

Another full request. I've decided to put a little more color in my main character. The other agent who had my full responded with a negative, but gave some feedback. She said the quality of writing was one of the best she's seen in a while (yay?) but the main character needs more thoughts and emotions. I was attempting to show a development of emotions in an initially stoic character, but it seems that the point wasn't well perceived.
I gave the girl some more thoughts and feelings through the narration. Hopefully that solves the problem.

Sun's up, once more around, faces down.


Matthew Rush said...

That's great you got feedback, the writing must be strong already.