Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 19: Smile! =D

Life = Win!

Been having a bit of a slump lately. After sending out 17 queries and realizing that their average response time is... a month x_x (ranging from 3 weeks to "??? wait you want a reply?"), I decided to have more readers around the floor read my novel. I got some quality feedback from one girl. Did a massive add/edit to my novel that changed/ improved everything.

So yesterday, I finally got the courage up to query Nathan Bransford, and this morning... 30 page partial request! =D

I'm so happy that my roommate and I set off party poppers!

...and accidentally scared the RA (^_^; oops...)


Bohemienne said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome! Best of luck to you. ;D

Matthew Rush said...

That's great Blanche NB is the best! Congrats.