Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 14: I misread...

Chem midterm tomorrow. I'm nervous. Please God, give me an A...

Also heard back from another agent. No go =(

Funny thing happened today, so I apparently, I read the name of the full-manuscript-requesting agent wrong. It wasn't my partial-requesting-agent; their names are just similar. The partial the full-manuscript-requesting agent was referring to was actually the attached first five pages at the bottom of the email. So in other words...


Queries sent: 8
Query Rejections: 3
Silence: 1

Partial Requests: 2
Whole Manuscript Requests: 2
Partial to Whole Requests: 0

Partial rejections: 1
Whole rejections: 1


Matthew Rush said...

I'd say you're doing quite well. Keep up the good work!

Shannon said...

Keep plugging!

And good luck on the midterm!

Tori said...

For only sending out 8 queries you are doing great. Have they been form rejections or personal? Keep your head up. You're only getting started. I wouldn't worry about it yet.

As for the midterm...hope you do well!

Blanche King said...

*Full: Semi-form rejection w/ offer to look at future projects
*Partial: No more space, some advice to tighten up manuscript.
*Queries: Form (all three)

The partial rejection was totally my fault. Initially, I sent out that query to see what a form rejection looks like. The partial was not ready at that time.

I think the queries were also my fault. I should have dug deeper/ found out more about the agents and made the letters more personalized.

Thanks for the encouragement guys ^_^ best of luck to all of you