Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 28: Waiting, TV and Homework

Loving the Gilmore Girls right now. Great source of stress relief.

Confession time: So I finally decided to query Writers House, and two weeks ago, I got a full manuscript request. It's been two weeks currently, and so far, I've heard nothing from them. Querytracker tells me that most people hear within 2 weeks, or if not, get either "revise and resubmit" or "so close but reject because the assistant quit on me".
I was pleased until five minutes ago, when I realized that they could have very well not received my email in the first place. My email was malfunctioning that day, I remember, as when I clicked "Save Draft" it told me "Message sent" (cue lots of screaming and cursing).
I really want Writers House, but I don't want to think about it anymore... Must watch more Gilmore Girls

Material Status:

Partial 1: 7 weeks (will nudge in 8 weeks)
Partial 2: 18 day
Partial 3: 9 days
Partial 4: 9 days
Partial 5: 4 days
Partial 6: 4 days
Full 1: 17 days
Full 2: 14 days
Full 3: 6 days
Full 4: 5 day


Krista V. said...

I just gave you an award on my blog, Blanche/not-Blanche:)

P.S. The painting in your last post is GORGEOUS. How do you find the time to paint, write, and go to school...?